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of people in london. dozens of u.s. allies that at least one libyan opposition leader. she discussed the coalition's goals for ending the not war. >> to urge qaddafi to implement a real cease-fire that is not going to be immediately breached by his own forces. to withdraw from those areas that he has taken by force. and to look for a political resolution which could include his leaving the country. >> shepard: this comes as a senior u.s. officials tells fox news that qaddafi's inner circle shows signs of, quote, cracking with some of his most trusted advisors questioning whether he can survive. that official also tells us that morale among the libyan troops is low. but the situation on the ground in the not war does not reflect that over the past 24 hours, colonel qaddafi's forces have made significant gains against the rebel fighters. those rebels advanced quickly over the last couple days qaddafi's hometown of sirte. rockets forced them to double back today, retreat. this despite the coalition firing 22 tomahawk missiles at a cost of $33 million. and flying more than 100 air strike
? and in japan nuclear chaos. tonight, how the newest trouble forced workers and the u.s. navy to clear the area. first from fox this monday night, the desperation tactics of muammar qaddafi. we are seeing new evidence that the dictator is using human shields to keep international coalition to keep from hitting key targets. this as america unleashes fireplace in yet another conflict in the middle east. this, the scene over tripoli just hours ago as antiaircraft fire streak through the night's sky, searching for any coalition aircraft. allied military leaders have been working to establish a no-fly zone over libya. in an effort to prevent qaddafi from attacking his own people. commanders are also targeting libyan troops who threaten civilians they tell us. we are told war planes focused a lot of their fireplace near the eastern city of benghazi, carrier jets reportedly dropped at least 12 bombs there overnight. >> and through a variety of reports, we know that regime ground forces that were in the vicinity of benghazi now possess little will or capability to resume offensive operations. >> u.s. a
. >> shepard: lawrence taylor on prostitutes and family. a u.s. fighter jet those down and the crew forced to eject over libyan territory. why the military has launched an investigation. libyan opposition forces are planning a new push. >> what is your plan now? >> the highway leads to be a da i ajdabiya. >> command and control business is plaintiff's complicated. >> look at who could be calling the shots and how long it will take. >> shepard: plus, qaddafi's stash of cash. the libyan leader has been hoarding oil money for decades. tonight, where he is hiding his dollars. and how qaddafi's bank balance could tip the scales of this fight. first from fox this tuesday night, the libyan leader muammar qaddafi has come out of hiding, it would appear, to address his people and shout new threats against the world. you can see him there in the cube appearing on libyan state television, assuming it's from today, this is qaddafi's first public appearance in a week. and as coalition airplanes target his military infrastructure in our new war in libya, qaddafi said his forces would defeat libya's enem
and slaughtering his people. now new signs the u.s. navy is ready to take action. and the crisis in japan. experts raise the threat level now amid severe damage at the nuclear plant at fukushima. a high probability of significant public exposure even death. i'm serpd smith live in new york. the news starts now. >> helicopters, water canons, they tried fire hoses. now, it may be time to try something else. tonight, exploring the chernobyl option. is libya backing down? after the united nations okayed a no-fly zone, the regime reportedly declared a cease-fire. what's really going on on the ground. >> this is a fluid and dynamic situation. >> once more, my maury qaddafi has a choice. >> tonight, is is qaddafi playing games and is it time to use force? >> shepard: first from fox this friday night, a fox news alert the libyan government denies that military forces plan to enter the rebel held strong hold of benghazi in the eastern part of that country. this, an official admits that the army in that area but says that their presence does not violate the cease-fire that tripoli announced earlier today. >
threat to the safety of the people. from the start, president obama has stressed that the role of the u.s. military would be limited in time and scope. our mission has been to use america's unique capabilities to create the conditions for the no-fly zone and to assist in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. and as expected, we're already seeing a significant reduction in the number of u.s. planes involved in operations as the number of planes from other countries increase in numbers. today, we are taking the next step. we have agreed, along with our nato allies, to transition command and control for the no-fly zone over libya to nato. all 28 allies have also now authorized military authorities to develop an operation's plan for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission under resolution 1973. nato is well-suited to coordinating this international effort and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. this coalition includes countries beyond nato, including arab partners. and we expect all of them to be providing important po
of the spent fuel tank pools at the fukushima nuclear plant to our north, so says the head of the u.s. regulatory agency which reports it has experts at that plant right now. what does that mean? it means there is nothing to keep those fuel rods from overheating and potentially melting down. in fact, earlier this morning the international atomic energy agency confirmed partial meltdown at not one but three reactors here. experts tell us they belief this video may show radioactive steam coming off that spent fuel pool. the u.s. agency reports radiation levels are extremely high and that could effect efforts to cool down those rods. let's get right to team fox coverage of the disaster here in japan. in new york, los angeles, and at the white house, let's begin with greg palkot who is just outside tokyo at the airport. what's the latest at fukushima, greg? >> hey, shep. it's not been a good 24 hours for the folks grappling with this crisis. it started wednesday morning reactor number 3. a plume of smoke, spike in radiation, evacuation of workers there and the fear that the containment ve
after the killing of u.s. immigration agent in mexico. american agents cannot legally carry guns south of the border. at today's news conference near president said that should change. each points out the americans are there in a support role and not as law enforcement officers as well. both presidents promised to do more to protect u.s. agents working in mexico. >> i assure you that we will be examining all our procedures and protocols in terms of how our agents travel throughout mexico and we will be working in close contact with mexican law enforcement, who i'm sure will have important advice in terms of how we operate in that region. >> shepard: and now there has been a gruesome killing on this side of the border. experts call it a first for mexican drug lords. and cops say the cartels are trying to send a very clear message right here in the united states. that message and the rest of the day's news coming up from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? the experts at imperial
in the middle east and tonight a u.s. ally is on the brink. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> the president of yemen now promising to step down on one condition. tonight what he says has to happen and what about american interests if he actually does go. plus, in syria, and in jordan, new anger and new calls for change. l we'll take you inside the growing rage in the region and see what it means for us. >> plus, in libya, nato is getting set to take over the no-fly zone but american forces are still very much a part of this war. tonight, what washington plans and is there any end game? but first on fox this friday night, white house has announced president obama will address the nation monday evening. we're told he'll focus on the situation in libya during comments from the national defense university in d.c. the address is scheduled 7:30 eastern. earlier today he updated congressional leaders on libya and a senior aide says there is no clear end game on how to remove moammar gadhafi from power. more and reaction, as the u.s. prepares to hand thato control of the no-fly zo
, hezbollah bullah. it is also a font for regional instability. both in iraq and against u.s. forces there quite frankly syria matters a lot. and libya doesn't matter quite as much, nearly as much. >> shepard: unlike syria, has no plans for actions in syria. in fact, there is a different leader in syria now. many of the members in congress of both parties who have gone to syria in recent months have said they believe he's a reformer "the fox report" chontd jonathan hunt in our newsroom. assaad a reformer? >> there are many syrians, many middle east experts and many on capitol hill who would laugh at the very idea of president assaad as a reformer. among those, senator jon kyl, the republican whip who said in a statement today and i quote, how many more syrians must president assaad murder or assault before secretary of state clinton no longer endorses the notion that is he a reformer. of course, secretary clinton was actually referring to the view of members of congress, not her own personal view. president assaad is probably better thought of as a northern nicener an economic sense.
things cool to prevent another disaster. and why it may already be too late. plus, some members of the u.s. military exposed to radiation as they try to help disaster survivors. and now the u.s. navy getting its ship out of the danger zone. good tuesday morning from tokyo, japan. 8:00 a.m. here in a metropolis of 13 million people in a. [no audio] >> jon: i'm jon scott in new york. we have temporarily lost our connection with shepard smith. shepard? >> shepard: infrastructure largely intact. and back here in tokyo, a city of 13 million people now dealing with the possibility of nuclear cataclysm. right now warnings of rolling blackouts that officials at tokyo electric power company or at the tepko warned they might have to lose to conservative energy. in the hardest hit areas north this was the scene when the tsunami crashed through last week, carrying everything in its path away. in some places the landscape has swept clean of life, entire communities are gone. and parents are telling children stories of children ripped from their arms. a japanese news agency reports 2,000 people have was
on intelligence operations and had been careful to what president obama had said publicly that no u.s. ground troops will be sent into libya. but, u.s. officials say there are small cia teams on the ground in eastern libya trying to fair ret out who are the leaders of the opposition? what are their motivations? what do they want for libya. said to be a special. there have been cia operatives in benghazi. when that f-15 jet went down last week and the two pilots ejected. we know one of them ended up in benghazi and some u.s. undercover agents were able to get him out of the country. shep? >> shepard: without some sort of help, it's widely believed or further help i should say it's widely belief these rebels trying to overthrow the government can't win. new debate in washington whether to give those rebels weapons. how is that going? >> that's a tough question, because some military leaders have said they have seen, quote, flickers of al qaeda involvement with the rebels and clearly nobody at the white house or no lawmaker on capitol hill wants to arm a terrorist. the white house said today tha
starts right now. >> shepard: attack on american servicemen in germany. two u.s. airmen murdered at an airport. tonight, the investigation and the suspect. plus, protests at military funerals. is that hate speech protected? now we know. >> god hates america and all of the u.s. military. >> they greet families of the fallen with signs reading thank god for dead soldiers. >> it's a disgrace. >> but is it constitutional? tonight, the ruling from the supreme court. [chanting] >> shepard: plus the chaos in libya threatens a major oil facility. and qaddafi warns the u.s. butt out. >> we will get into a very bloody war, thousands and thousands of libyan also die if america ornate toe enter. >> shepard: but the u.s. military is not backing down. >> a no fly zone begins with an attack on libya to destroy the air defenses. if it's ordered, we can do it. >> shepard: and the apple ceo steve jobs comes back from sick leave and wait until you see the new ipad 2. but first from fox this wednesday night, two united states airmen are dead tonight. gunned down at an airport in germany. another two
in the u.s. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> shepard: but environmental regulators say they have deployed more radiation monitors in the western united states and in pacific territories just to be on the safe side. we are watching for more news on that power cable that teams are trying to use to restart the nuclear water pumps. we will bring you more information as it comes in. new video from the first desperate moments after the tsunami struck here in japan. we'll see how people tried to get out of the way as the water rushed toward them and how ordinary citizens jumped into action to rescue complete strangers. and breaking now we're tracking the action in libya where colonel muammar qaddafi is now threatening fresh action against his own people. even as the united nations has just made a move to try to protect them. it's breaking news involving a no-fly zone and it's coming up as fox reports live tonight from tokyo. for pain? oh, bayer aspirin? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. it wor
a city under siege for days, but a senior defense official confirms that u.s. fighter jets carried out strikes on targets, including tanks. and a doctor inside the city says the tanks that were not hit have left. still the pentagon reports there is no intelligence that indicates qaddafi's forces are actually abandoning either misurata or the city of ajdabiya. it is so-called gateway to the east in libya. people there say rebels have been holding the city center but qaddafi's troops are packed all around the outskirts. but just to the north of rebel strong hold of benghazi, it's a far different reality. [chanting] >> shepard: there, the troops are rallying speart of the coalition. and all of those still suffering around libya. team fox coverage of our waziristan -- wars around the world. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. first steve harrigan streaming live from the capital city tonight. you have been hearing new explosions there, it's my understanding, steve? >> that's right, shepard. we thought the pace might slow down on night five of these attacks but anything but. we have heard mult
this last? and is this now u.s. policy whenever there is an uprising? but, first from fox this monday night, we're just minutes away now from the president's address to the nation on libya. president obama will speak from the national defense university at fort mcnair d.c. in abraham lincoln hall. a hall he helped dedicate two years ago. the president's remarks will come at the same time that nato is starting to take over all military operations in libya. and, in fact, the pentagon indicated today it plans to gradually start moving warships out of the region. now that nato is taking command. we're told one submarine is already gone, which means we only have four warships left there but, for the time being, u.s. forces are still very much a part of this war carrying out air strikes and launching missiles. their involvement takes us to the first of several important issues that have cropped up since this crisis began. first, why, mr. in president, ae we there? why did we get involved in the internal struggles of a nation some 4,000 miles away. on "fox news sunday" the republican senator john
of a new partnership to fight distracted driving. a partnership between "consumer reports" and the u.s. department of transportation. the transportation secretary ray la hood says distracted driving killed nearly 5500 people in 2009. joran van der sloot, the key suspect in the 2005 disappearance of the american teenager natalee holloway will plead guilty to the killing of another woman last year in peru, so says his lawyer. and says the 23-year-old will argue temporary temporary insanity to try to shorten his sentence. van der sloot met with the woman while gambling last may. joran van der sloot's lawyer says he plans to argue that his client killed 21-year-old stefanie florist because she had learned of his relation to the holloway case while using his lap top. van der sloot is not formally charged in that case. a 20-year-old police chief who had accepted the job as police chief of a violent mexican border town is now without a job. garcia fired today for abandoning her post. according to a statement from the city there, the police chief had been granted permission to travel to the un
his people. >> shepard: american warships now headed into position. and the u.s. government with a warning to the libyan leader. >> it is time for qaddafi to go. [chanting] >> shepard: he is apparently not yesterday to leave. >> tonight. qaddafi's latest plan to buy back some loyalty. [gunfire] >> shepard: and the fight for control of a key city. the trouble in libya sending gas prices higher. and now analysts say costs could actually keep rising. we'll see how this could effect our nation's economic recovery. and charlie sheen. he's at it again. >> good morning, charlie. >> hey, charlie. >> shepard: wild new interviews about his partying, drug abuse, and why he says he deserves a raise, plus results of his oncamera drug test. but, first from fox this monday night, the people of libya love muammar qaddafi. that from muammar qaddafi. even as a massive uprising consumes his country. qaddafi insists his people actually love him so much they would die to protect him. of course they are dying either way because the dictator's hired guns are murdering them in the streets. in an in
, that the libyan people would respond to. also saying that the u.s. and europe simply want to carve up libya as in colonial days to take over its oil. on the other side he has been making diplomatic efforts behind the scene sending his own envoys to a number of countries to try to stave off further sanctions, jon? >> jon: steve harrigan live from libya. thank you. some top level staffers got together at the white house today to discuss what to do about libya. we'll have details on that. and new reports of a big hit in libyans oil production. coming up inside "the fox report." federal agents in washington state today arresting a man in connection with the attempted bombing of a martin luther king day parade in spokane. a bomb which the said say appeared to be designed to kill as many people as possible. here is what we know. back on january 17th, the fbi reports city employees spotted a suspicious package just an hour before the parade got underway. we're told it was sitting on a park bench and that wires were sticking out. sources tell fox that inside were batteries, a pipe filled with powde
coast of the continental u.s., canada, first it hit hawaii. whoa. gosh, that is big. that is absolutely massive. just lost my shoes. coming straight over the wall on to the main road. that is absolutely unbelievable. here it comes again. pouring over the wall. can you see a car making a run for it out there. i'm completely stranded now. >> shepard: again, that's hawaii early this morning their time. amateur video. we're told the waters busted up marine in as and brushed over road ways. there are no reports of serious injuries. not so in northern california. the surging ocean severely damaged a number of marinas, this was the scene in santa cruz. the coast guard searching for a man whom a wave reportedly swept right out to sea while he was taking pictures. in southern oregon waves washed four people out to sea. all of those survived. claudia cowan live in san francisco with more on the west coast aftermath. claudia, as far as the u.s. is concerned, it appears northern california and i guess southern oregon got hit the hardest, right? >> that's right. right around the border of oregon and
the military back on campus. >>> a jammed gun prevented the gunman who opened fire this week u.s. airmen inier many from firing off more shots. investigators say this kosovo albanian suspect killed two airmen and wounded two others at the airport in frankfort after finding out the troops were heading to afghanistan. he aimed his gun at another airman, pulled his gun twice and nothing happened. that would be victim then chased the suspect into the airport where he helped capture him. the suspect reportedly claimed he wanted to kill americans as revenge for their involvement in the afghan war. >>> here in the united states, new developments in the case against the suspected fort hood shooter. the top u.s. commander recommended nidal malik hasan face a military trial and the death penalty for the massacre. the 40-year-old army psychiatrist charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted me meditated murder. this is the second time an army official has called for the death penalty in this case. hasan's attorney says he's disappointed with the recommendation and will raise
: the world disagrees. as the u.s. military weighing what it would take to own the libyan skies. we would have to remove the air defense capability. >>shepard: new talk of a no-fly zone and another war ship arrives on the scene. 20 government programs to help homeless. 15 agencies overseeing food safety. and 82 different teacher improvement programs. tonight, a new report on regulatory redundancy and plans to save taxpayers some cash. plus, thousands of miles of natural gas pipeline run through neighborhoods across america. >> they are a ticking time bomb. >>shepard: sometimes they explode. a federal investigation into the dangers buried in our backyards. but, first, from fox on tuesday night, with the future of libya in the air tonight, the united states military now is dramatically increasing its presence in that region. so far military leaders insist it is for the possibility of evacuations and humanitarian relief. today, the defense secretary announced he is sending hundreds of marines and two assault ships. we are told the vessels and troops will join three warships on scene. the difficul
james rosen at the state department tonight. the commandant of the u.s. marines, james, says libya's greatest air power threat isn't about war planes at all. >> that's right, shep. general james amos says the greatest threat comes from qaddafi's fleet of helicopters amid fierce fighting, amos faced lawmakers on capitol hill. he found himself taking part in a line of questioning by senator mccain that suggested neutralizing qaddafi's antiaircraft difficulties wouldn't be that difficult. >> my information, i wonder if you have the same thing, they are soviet style, somewhat older versions of surface-to-air missile capability. >> yes, sir. i believe that's correct. >> and isn't it true that the air assets are concentrated in about four air basses right around tripoli? >> i believe that's correct, senator. >> but minutes ago, senator dick lugar garr, the ranking republican on the foreign relations committee said in a statement, quote: the united states should not, in my view, launch military intervention into yet another muslim country without thinking long and hard about the conseque
nephew makes it to the u.s. embassy in into robe buy would have implicated all those people who funded him, sent him and out everybody. >> the father of carlos bledz zoe who is the accused shooter at a military in arkansas. his son had gone to yemen and the fbi had interviewed him there. >> i think the fbi and federal government knows that the fbi dropped the ball. point blank. >> bledsoe also indicated to me that his son has said in court papers that he committed this act, shep, on behalf of al qaeda in yemen that is the same group linked to the american cleric from new mexico. >> shepard: catherine herridge live at the rotunda at the russell building in washington. thank you. it's looking like lawmakers will have to buy themselves more time as they work to hammer out a budget for the rest of this fiscal year. house republicans say they are working on yet another temporary spending bill. the last continuing resolution or c.r. as they call it that congress passed runs out a week from tomorrow. we are hearing the next one could keep the government running for just another three weeks. j
's going on. and i think that that has officials here in the u.s. quite concerned. >> shepard: and they are not the only ones frankly. today the leader of the united nations nuclear watchdog urged japan to provide better information about exactly what's happening at that power plant. gordon chang joins us now a journalist and author of "nuclear showdown" on the line with us. agency press or afp has just reported that tokyo electric power company now says that this fire is under control. well, it's wednesday now japan. on tuesday afternoon when a similar fire happened, in almost exactly the same place, they said almost exactly the same thing. and now the next day they are saying that that fire not reignited but was never fully extinguish requested. gordon, i guess i'm asking for assessment with without all the information available because, quite frankly it's all quite confusing. they are saying now it's under control. what do you make of this company's history and what it might tell us about the present? >> certainly the history is not good as we just heard, especially in 2007
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24